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SAA Awards

SAA Awards merupakan kegiatan rutin yang diadakan secara berkala di jurusan Arsitektur Unpar sejak tahun 2003. Adapun tujuan dari kegiatan ini adalah memberikan penghargaan kepada peserta SAA (Studio Akhir Arsitektur) yang mempunyai karya desain terbaik. Selain itu juga kegiatan ini juga berguna sebagai sarana untuk mengevaluasi mutu dan kualitas karya perancangan arsitektur mahasiswa secara berkala, khususnya studio akhir. Kegiatan ini dilaksanakan dengan bekerjasama dengan asosiasi profesi yakni IAI (Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia), untuk menjaga terciptanya kesinambungan antara dunia akademik dan dunia profesional.

Melalui umpan balik dunia praktek ke akademik diharapkan dapat menjadi masukan yang signifikan bagi pengembangan pengajaran perancangan arsitektur di kampus, demikian pula sebaliknya, sehingga dapat saling mendukung satu sama lain dan membuka wawasan yang lebih luas bagi kedua belah pihak.

Beberapa video karya mahasiswa Studio Akhir Arsitektur Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, 3 semester terakhir dapat dibuka pada link berikut:

SAA Awards 23, Semester Genap 2013-2014

SAA Awards 24, Semester Ganjil 2014-2015

SAA Awards 25, Semester Genap 2014-2015


SAA Awards is an event held periodically in Architecture Department – UNPAR, Bandung-Indonesia since 2003. The main objective of the event is awarding the best designers among SAA (Final Architecture Studio) participants. Besides, it is also useful as the tool for evaluating the quality of architecture students’ works regularly, especially the final studio. It has been held with the collaboration with profession association, i.e. IAI (Indonesian Institute of Architects), This is an example of integration between academic and profession field to answer the demand in the particular field.

Architecture education through the designing task in Architecture Design Studio, basically, is an assimilation of theoretical and practical aspects; hence the academic values cannot be separated from the applications, especially the ones which are gained from experiences in practical fields. The integration between academic and professional world can be done by carrying out events in collaborations with particular profession associations. One of the events is by evaluating and awarding the best students’ projects by the associations. Such events are commonly done in some universities in foreign countries. The projects are acknowledged by the practitioners. Through feedbacks from the professional fields to the academic world, it is hoped that they can be significant inputs for the development of architecture designing education in campus, and vice versa, so that both sides can support each other and open wider horizons for themselves.

The event starts with an exhibition for all projects of Final Studio which get “A” marks and it opens for public. It is continued with marking time by the juries and ended by the awarding ceremony for winners. The Juries who mark for the SAA Awards are invited from IAI and even from foreign architect association which is recommended by IAI and not related to SAA mentors; hence the results are objective and independent. The invited juries are those who are well-experienced as juries, academicians, practitioners, and also experienced in competitions both nationally and internationally. The projects awarded SAA Awards have been published in the books of Architecture Final ProjectSAA Awards volume 1 – 5 and have been spread throughout Indonesia (for public and universities) and been sent to outside Indonesia such as UIA, Chulalongkorn University – Thailand, University of Malaya, UTM, IIUM – Malaysia, NUS – Singapore, University of Shenzhen – China, University of Melbourne, UNSW – Australia, Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Beijing University of Technology – China, Architecture Society of Chinaand through ARCASIA forum of architecture education session in December 2005 in Chiang Mai, been given to the Architect Association (Bangladesh, India, China, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Mongolia, Pakistan, The Philiphines, Singapore, Sri Langka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Maladewa, Australia, and Brunei). Some of the projects of SAA Awards have been exhibited locally, nationally and internationallya (e.g. World International Competition – Archiprix, etc.).


  1. To award the best designs, hence it is expected that students can be persuaded to do their best and can increase the quality of the design products.
  2. To evaluate the quality of architecture products regularly.




    1. Ir. Ahmad Djuhara, IAI (President of IAI 2015 – now Director of  Djuahara-djuhara Architect, cahirman of IAI- Jakarta chapter 2008, Architect and winner several competitions,  Alumni- Unpar)
    2. Ir. Munichy B E, IAI (President of IAI 2011 – 2015, Senior architect and lecturer).
    3. Ir. Endy Subijono, IAI (President of IAI 2008 – 2011, architect of Wastu Adi Olahrupa (Studio 83) Jakarta)
    4. Ir. Budi A. Sukada GradHonsdipl.AA, IAI (Honorary President of IAI 2008 – now, President of IAI 2002 – 2008, senior architect and lecturer – national and international juryAga Khan Awards, member of Architecture Town Council team (TPAK) – DKI Jakarta).
    5. Ir. Adhi Moersid, IAI (Board of Architects- IAI and CEO of Atelier 6 – national dan international jury,member of TPAK – DKI Jakarta).
    6. Dr. Ir. Yuswadi Saliya. M.Arch. IAI (Board of Architects-IAI, Senior architect of Atelier 6, Senior lecturer, national and international juryAga Khan Awards, member of TPAK – DKI Jakarta).
    7. Ir. Andreas Susetya. IAI (Senior architect of Andreas Association).
    8. Dr. Riady Y, MT, IAI (Senior lecturer and architect).
    9. Ir. Ridwan Kurnia, IAI (Board of Architects, Senior architect dan lecturer)
    10. Ir. Sony Sutanto, M.Arch, IAI (Architect dan lecturer, CEO of Sony-Sutanto Architecture Bureau).
    11. Ir. Baskoro Tedjo. M.SEB. PhD, IAI (Architect and lecturer, member of TPAK team – DKI Jakarta).
    12. Prof. Ir. Totok Roemanto, M.Eng, IAI (Member of Semarang Architecture Town Council team, senior lecturer and architect).
    13. Prof. Dr. Gunawan Tjahjono, IAI (Board of Professión-Architects IAI member –TPAK DKI Jakarta, senior lecturer and architect).
    14. Ir. Ridwan Kamil, MUD, IAI (Mayor of Bandung City – now, Architect and lecturer – CEO of Urbane- architect, Head of IAI Architecture Research and Conservation 2008 – now, member of TPAK team – DKI Jakarta).
    15. Ir. Hendrajaya, IAI (Member of IAI Education Council, architect, member of TPAK team – DKI Jakarta).
    16. Ir. Pon S Puradjatnika, IAI (Chairman of IAI-West Java region 2008- now).
    17. Ir A. Tardiyana, M.Arch, IAI (Design Competition Division IAI -West Java, lecturer-architect, member of TPAK team – DKI Jakarta).
    18. Ir. Didi Haryadi, IAI (Director of  , Didi Haryadi Architect, Board of Profession IAI)
    19. Ir. Andra Matin, IAI (Director Andra Matin Architect, Board of Awards division, member of AIA , the winner of several competitions Alumni UNPAR)
    20. Ir. Ketut Arthana, IAI (Director of Arthana Architects The winner of several Awards National and International, Senior Architect, Bali, Local and Green Architecture.)
    21. Ir. Robby D, IAI(chairman of IAI West Java Chapter 2011-now, Architect and lecturer)
    22. Budiman Hendropurnomo, FRAIA, IAI (Director of DCM-Indonesia Architect, National Jury of IAI, Winner of Several Competitions)
    23. Ir. Panogu Silaban, IAI (Director of  Atelier 6 Architect, Indonesia –  National Jury of IAI, Member of  TPAK team- DKI).
    24. Ir. Tan Tik Lam, IAI (Director of Tan Tik Lam Architects, National Jury of IAI, alumni Unpar).
    25. Ir. Ardi, IAI (Director of Airmas Asri Architect, Indonesia, National Juri of IAI, member of TPAK-DKI) 

Malaysia : Tan Seri Esa Muhamed

President of UIA

Past President Malaysian Institute of Architects, Member Board of Architects Malaysia, Chairman Architects Regional Council of Asia(ARCASIA), Chairman Malaysian Institute of Architects Education Fund, Chairman Joint LAM-PAM, Member Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Corporate Member, Malaysian Institute of Planners. Tan Seri Ar Haji Esa Mohamed, is an architect and planner had his education and training at the University of Newcastle, Australia, where he obtained a First Class Honors and the University Gold Medal in Bachelor of Architecture in 1973. Subsequently, he also obtained a Masters in Town and Country Planning in 1976 from the University of Sydney. For his contribution to the advancement of architecture and the country’s development, Tan Seri Esa was conferred the Honorary Doctor of Architecture by the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is one of the founding member of APUDG and also the Managing Director of Akitek Jururancang (M) Sdn Bhd (AJM), a company responsible for several prestigious planning and architectural projects in Malaysia. Tan Seri’ Esa’s key achievements is in the master planning of Putrajaya, the Federal Administrative Capital City of Malaysia, the master plan and architecture of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and several other key notable projects in the country. He has obtained several prestigious awards such as the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001 given to his firm for the outstanding Datai, Langkawi and was awarded the Construction Industry Player of the Year by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) in 2002 and the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (ISM) Excellence Award 2003 for his Outstanding Contribution to the Property and Construction Industry.

 Japan : Prof. Takanobu Ota, FAIA, FSIA, JIA.

Sakakura Associates,architects&engineers, Memberships :    Japan Institute of Architects (JIA), The Architectural Institute Japan (AIJ),  Honorary Fellow of American Institute of Architects (AIA), Honorary Member of Architects of Siamese Association (ASA), First Class KENCHIKUSHI “first class registered architect” in 1963), “First Class Landscape Managing Architectural Engineer”(in 1983) 2004 Professor at Osaka University of Arts, 2006 , Adjunct Professor at Osaka University of Arts.

 Malaysia : Ar Hamdan Abdul Jamal.

Registered Architectural Consultancy firm: Hamdan Abdul Jamal Architect; Chairman, PAM Education Committee; Vice-Chairman PAM Education Fund ; Editorial Board, “Architecture Malaysia” official PAM magazine.; Secretary, Badan Warisan Malaysia (Johor Chapter); Adjunct Assoc. Professor UTM; Chairman, PAM Southern Chapter.

 South Korea:,Ar. Mr. Kun Cang Yi. KIRA, HAIA, APEC Arch

President of  ARCASIA 2007-2009

Vice chairman, CEO Principal Architectum & Lee Architects Associates Co., Ltd., 2002-Present Director of Korea Architectural Accreditation Board (KAAB), 2007-2009 Chairman of ARCASIA Architects in Asia, 2008 Chairman of foreign Affair committee of Korea Association of Construction Supervision (KACOS), 2009 – Immediate Past Chairman ARCASIA, Registered architect in Korea Institute  Registered Architects (KIRA) (Reg. No 1664).

 Thailand – Mr. Sathirut Nui Tandanand

President of ARCASIA 2015-2016

2005 – Present Managing Director, DHEVANAND CO., LTD., Bangkok,                 HON. Member – American Institute of Architects Registered Chartered Architect, Thailand, Category No. 430, Architect Council of Thailand Member – Architect Council of Thailand Member – The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage, Bangkok, Thailand (ASA) Member – Singapore – Thai Chamber of Commerce HONORARY APPOINTMENT 2015 – 2016 ARCASIA, President 2012 – 2014 ARCASIA Fellowship Chairman 2010 – 2012 ARCASIA, Vice President Zone B 2010 – 2011 Advisor to The Thai Trade Representative Office 2008 – 2012 The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage, Vice President for Foreign Affair 2005 The Federation of Design and Construction of Thailand, Director 2005 The Association of Siamese Architects Representation to Union of International Architects (U.I.A.) 1999 -2001 Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Director 1997 Guest Speaker at The 1997 Harvard Asia Pacific Design Conference, Cambridge, U.S.A. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY

 Malaysia, Kevin Marc Low.

Bachelor of architecture (1988), UO, Eugene, USA, Master of Science in Architecture Studies (1991), MIT, Cambridge, USA, Architect (1992- 2002), GDP Architects, Malaysia,  Smallprojects – 2002 to present. Technical Reviewer, Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland 2010, The New Zealand lectures, New Zealand Institute of Architects, New Zealand 2010, Panelist, Aga Khan Symposium, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 2011, Lecture, Department of Architecture, MIT, Boston, USA 2011, The India lectures, India Institute of Architects, Pune / Madras / Auroville / Hyderabad / Bombay, India 2012/2013, The Australia Lectures, Australian Institute of Architects, Cairns / Sydney / Melbourne / Perth, Australia 2013.Lecture, Locus Foundation, Cité de l’architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris, France 2013.

 Singapore : Richard Ho

Architect Singapore, Council Member of SIA. Architectural Consultancy firm: Richard ho Architects,  Senior member of Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA),Gold Medal ARCASIA Awards 1999-2000.,SIA Awards 1995, 2001, 2006,Kenneth F. Brown Asia Pacific Culture and Architectural Design Award  2000,Lecturer in National University of Singapore (NUS) – Urban Design in the Master of Architecture.

 Singapore : Larry Ng

Architect Singapore, Council Member of SIA. Group Director of Architecture and Urban Design Excellence (AUDE), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), awarded the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Prize and the University of Sydney Building Science Prize. awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2008. experience in the planning, design and implementation of public housing in Singapore, HDB (bring up the standards of public housing which is comparable to those of private housing). Appointed by the Minister for National Development as the Registrar of the Board of Architects, Singapore with the mission to enhance competency, integrity and professionalism of the practice of architecture in Singapore. Appointed as the Prize Secretary for the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize. 

 Srilangka : Prof.Dr. Samithasena Manawadu, FIA (SL)

Current President of Sri Lanka National Committee of ICOMOS. Registered architect no CA 98153 SLIA (Sri lanka Institut of Architects), History of Cities, Architectural Conservation of Monuments and Sites, Cultural Itineraries, Vernacular Architecture, Urban and Rural Settlements, Urban Conservation



Excellent Design-Best of the Best Design

is the highest award and only given to one participant who has been agreed by the juries as the Best Leading Design.

Excellent Design-Outstanding Awards

is level 2 award and only given to one participant who has been agreed by the juries as the Leading Design.

Excellent Design

is level 3 award and given to not more than 2 participants who has been agreed by the juries as the Exceptional Design.

The Best Design

is the best award below the third rank and given not more than 5 participants who has been agreed by the juries as the Outstanding Design.


is the award below the fourth rank which can be achieved by not more than 3 participants who has been agreed by the juries as the Admirable Design.

Honorable Mention

is the award below the fifth rank which can be achieved by not more than 3 participants who has been agreed by the juries as the Special Design.


is the award given by polling / rating from the exhibition visitors, which is an exclusive award and not connected with juries. It is maintained by a team acknowledged by the Department and only given to one participant.


The awards can be combinations between the seven points stated above, depend on the significance of the participants.






The judging criterias in SAA Awards refers to UIA’s 37 points of agreement, which are including the considerations of :

  • The creativity in composing form-space-mass on the site, together with other design aspects.
  • Function aspect with the characters of form and space resulted.
  • Techno-economics aspect and building maintenance.
  • Structure-construction-utility aspects (logical to be built).
  • Socio-culture-history aspect and environment.
  • Innovation / creativity in technology and art.
  • Creativity in responding contextual climates.

The criterias in product presentations are including :

  • The capability in technical drawings (structure-construction-utility-layouts-facades-sections, etc.)
  • Communicative drawings.

All the criterias stated above may be added with a special marking to the design theme which has been announced previously to the students.


Suasana Presentasi Penjurian SAA Awards

101_1934 (Medium) DSC_3212 (2) (Medium) DSC05837 (Medium) DSC05882 (Medium)

Beberapa Karya Pemenang SAA Awards

01 Sanjaya Hartanto (Medium) Christian 2009420131 (Medium) randy andrian (Medium) RICHARD (Medium)